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Traffic and Engagement

Traffic API

Will return four web traffic metrics: global rank, country rank/traffic geography, traffic reach and traffic sources distribution.

Engagement API

Provides three web engagement metrics: average page views, average time on site and bounce rate.

Estimated Visits API

Returns the estimated number of visitors per domain.

Traffic Sources

Keywords API

Access three search metrics: paid/organic search distribution, 10 paid keywords, and 10 organic keywords.

Destinations API

Returns the 10 leading sites that receive direct clicks from the given domain.

Referrals API

Returns the 10 leading sites that direct clicks to the given domain.

Social Referrals API

Access the five leading social networks sending traffic to the given domain.

Content Intelligence

Similar Websites API

Input a domain and receive an output of 20 similar websites and their similarity score.

Also Visited API

Returns a list of websites frequently visited by users of the given domain.

Website Tags API

Returns 10 tags per domain based on semantic analysis, meta-data, anchor text and more.

Website Categorization API

Will return a domain’s category based on our content analysis and machine learning.

Category Rank API

Will return a domain’s category and its global rank within its given category.

Adult Websites API

Will detect the presence of adult content for a given domain.

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