Adult Websites API

The Adult Websites API Will detect if a given domain is categorized as an adult website. The technology behind this API relies on advanced semantic analysis, to determine if a site is safe for children to view. Result provided in XML or JSON.


Detect if a given domain is categorized as an adult website. If the site is categorized as adult, the result for the domain will be "adult".

If the domain is not categorized as adult, the API will return its original category.


Adult Websites API endpoint : Category

JSON Endpoint Lookup{domain}/v2/Category?Format=JSON&UserKey={UserKey}

XML Endpoint Lookup{domain}/v2/Category?Format=XML&UserKey={UserKey}


Params Description
Domain Enter your target domain including only the top-level and second-level names, ie: ""
UserKey Enter the user key sent to you by email. You can also find your user key in the API dashboard.

One request to this API is worth 3 hits

Please note that sending one request to the SimilarSites API results in 3 hits being counted against your total number of monthly hits.

Example: Adult Website API input for ""


Example: Adult Website API output in json for ""

 "Category": "Adult"


  1. Who is this useful for?

    The Adult Websites API is useful for any platform or application that needs the strictest standard to filter out adult content. From ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to Child Safety applications, SimilarWeb's Adult Detection API delivers peace of mind for our clients.