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Trying our APIs
  1. 1. What is SimilarWeb?

    SimilarWeb is a Web Measurement company providing Online Competitive Intelligence for websites and mobile apps.

    Basing their stats on the largest international online panel, together with web crawlers and ISP data, SimilarWeb is able to provide traffic statistics for competitors' websites and iOS or Android applications. SimilarWeb's unmatched competitive analytics platform enables advanced industry benchmarks together with data driven marketing strategies.

  2. 2. How can I try an API?

    To start, you have to sign up to get one UserKey to try ALL our API features.
    If you’re already signed in, visit our Test Console, choose an API feature, type in a site and click in the UserKey field to reveal it.
    For more information, read how to use your UserKey in our Test console..

  3. 3. I signed up but I can’t find my API key?

    Once signed in, click on any API UserKey field in our Test Console to reveal it.
    In addition, You can find it in the Dashboard section, under Applications.
    For more help, visit our page to learn how to use our API .

  4. 4. Do I need a different UserKey to try different APIs?

    No. You can use the same UserKey generated for you, free or paid, for all APIs.

  5. 5. Can you help me implement the API?

    SimilarWeb has partnered with CodersClan just for that. At CodersClan you can get experienced coders to implement SimilarWeb API for you with a special 15% off using the SIMWEB coupon code.

    Get the API implemented.

  6. 6. Can you provide a custom API or a Custom Report?

    SimilarWeb can provide custom APIs and Custom Reports based on your request. Please contact us for further details.

Pricing and Usage
  1. 1.What are API Hits?

    API hits are the way we count your usage of the API. Most of API calls "costs" 1 hit, but some costs 3 hits per call. Please see the Active Console for an exact description of calls/hits pricing.

  2. 2. Can I use your APIs in browser plugins or Mobile apps?

    Absolutely. We love when our APIs are used for browser plugins and Mobile applications. we'd be happy to help, just contact us and our team will provide you with the relevant User Key and instructions.

  3. 3.Are you offering different pricing models or packages than the ones stated?

    Yes, we do. Simply reach out to our team in our contact us section and we will be happy to set you up with a customized plan for your needs.

  4. 4. What is the cancellation policy?

    If you chose to use our APIs on a monthly basis, you can cancel your subscription anytime, with effect taking place the following month. For Yearly subscription, please contact our customer service directly for more details.

Our Data
  1. 1. Where does SimilarWeb get the data from?

    Our data come from combination of our powerful crawler and click-stream data from our proprietary panel of tens of millions of users who have installed our apps.
    We always try to make sure that our panel will be big and diversified.

    Our panel is several times bigger than traditional panels. This allows us to learn about every website, big and small, and overcome the statistical errors that are typical of smaller panels.

    We implement Big Data technology on our data center consisting of dozens of high-end servers to analyze the resulting tens of terabytes of data. Once we have collected volumes of raw data, we use statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to generate actionable knowledge. Our data is taken from diversified sources, then intelligently combined, normalized, and extrapolated upon to represent the entire internet population. Our data is analyzed continuously and aggregated on demand so we can immediately deliver accurate traffic details on every website.

  2. 2. How many URLs do you have in your database?

    We currently have over 50 million domains in our database, which is constantly growing and continuously updated.

  3. 3.How do you calculate website ranking?

    Our ranking is calculated with a unique algorithm that takes into account a combination of website engagement metrics, including the number of unique visitors to a site and the number of page views. The size and breadth of our global panel of users enables us to assess how a website ranks in the entire internet, on individual countries and on its category.

  4. 4. How often is the API data updated?

    Our APIs are being updated on a monthly basis.

  5. 5. I can’t find a website in your API – how can I add one?

    There is no way to manually insert a website or category into our records—but don’t worry, our crawlers will add all of them with time. Alternatively, feel free to contact our team directly.

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