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The quickest way to assess how popular or influential a website is. Our global ranking API tells you the position of a website in relation to all other sites on the internet. We index over 30 million websites and our world-wide panel means we'll give you accurate ranking for the entire internet population. If you're interested in this API, feel free to contact us for simple integration.
* Learn more about how to use this API for free in our FAQ below.


  • Find the global ranking for virtually any domain on the internet
  • Get the ranking of over 30 million websites, growing daily
  • Output is given in XML or JSON for easy integration with any platform
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Example: Global Ranking input


Example: Global Ranking output

 "Rank": 41


  1. Is this API free?

    YES. You can use it in your website or application for free.
    In return, you will be required to add near the output, in a visible way, the following section: “Powered by SimilarWeb”, linked to our site. For more questions about how to use our APIs, please visit our Terms & Condtions page.

  2. How can I get it?

    Just contact us and our team will get in touch with you with a free UserKey and simple instructions for integration.

  3. How often is the ranking data updated?

    The ranking for every website is updated on a monthly basis, on the first week of each month. This means that the global ranking you receive is the ranking for a website on the month in which the request is made.

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