Website Tags API

The Website Tags API returns descriptive website tags for a given domain in either XML or JSON.


Returns the 10 top Tags to any and their relevance score for a given domain

How do we recognize Tags?
The tagging system returns a list of tags for a given site that best describe the site’s content. The tagging system is used as an input for SimilarWeb’s similarity and categorization engines, but is also useful for categorization tasks that require open ended and dynamic results. The tag engine is capable of generating over 500 thousand unique, descriptive tags using URL analysis, word density, html and link analysis, search engine keywords and a number of external data sources.


Params Description
Domain Enter your target domain including only the top-level and second-level names, ie: ""
UserKey Enter the user key sent to you by email. You can also find your user key in the API dashboard.

One request to this API is worth 3 hits

Please note that sending one request to the Website Tags API results in 3 hits being counted against your total number of monthly hits.

Example: Website Tags API input for ""


Example: Website Tags API output in json for ""

 "Tags": [
   "Name": "ebay",
   "Score": 0.448100076050574
   "Name": "shopping",
   "Score": 0.40192654892152
   "Name": "ebay auctions",
   "Score": 0.394734724085174


  1. What is the difference between Website (Domain) tagging and URL tagging?

    Domain tagging will provide the tags relevant to the description of the website as a whole.
    URL/page tagging will provide the relevant tags to describe the content of the page itself.

  2. What does the score mean?

    We use an auto-learning algorithm to create an accuracy-based grading system; the best results receive a 1, which means 100% accuracy.